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Do you need a website design for your business

Websites are very important for any and every business in this century and probably beyond. The best advice a start up can ever get is to have a top notch website design. These days every element of the revenue stream of any company, such as marketing campaigns, brand recognition, client relationship building and customer services are all supported by your website and its design.

Also a combination of your marketing tools like social media, email marketing and search engine marketing, with your website, can inevitably help your business in reaching new customers and retain them by generating repeat businesses for you.


·     30% of consumers don’t consider a business if it does not have a website

·     75% of consumers admit to judging the credibility of a company based on their website design

·     You can easily control information and branding

·     The majority of consumers find and engage with businesses using their websites

·     Websites are more affordable than traditional advertising

·     Website do not have closing hours and can always answer basic questions quickly such as who you are? What products or services you offer? And how to contact you?


In conclusion, every business big or small, veteran or startup, all need a website to boost awareness, leads, sales and eventually profit.

Written by
Jasmine Edmond
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